4 Tips For Staying Safe When Travelling Alone

Share Your Plans/Location With People You Trust

When you are planning to take a day trip in a new country or travel to different parts of a city, it is always a good idea to share your location services with friends and family or anyone close to you that you trust. This means people know where you are if you were ever in danger. Make sure to stay connected with people and keep in contact with friends and family. This lets people know that you are safe.

Make A Plan For Emergency Situations

You should always be prepared for unfortunate situations when you travel anywhere, especially alone. You should research the nearest police stations and hospitals before you travel and try to navigate routes from where you are staying at the time.

You should always remember to pack prescription drugs and medication that you take or may need on your travels. Especially if you suffer from asthma or severe allergies, always have the correct medication with you at all times.

Take Care Of Your Valuable Items

Make sure to have your phone, ID, passport, and any other documents you may always need (like covid passports etc) with you. Keep belongings close to you like in a bag that can be fully sealed closed, this will keep them safe and out of sight. Try to find places to stay that offer a safe for extra security. You could keep cash, documents, and passports in here if you do not need these items that day.

Avoid Risky Situations

It is important to use common sense when you are travelling alone. Don’t do anything abroad that you wouldn’t do at home. This includes, always keeping your drink in your line of vision and avoid going anywhere with strangers. If you are walking at night-time, try to stay near public, open spaces. If anyone asks if you are travelling alone, always say no and advise them that you are meeting someone.