Most Common Mistakes of New Business Owners

Starting a business from scratch is not an easy, but here are some of the common mistakes that new business owners make, to hopefully prevent you from making the same ones.

Skipping the Planning Stage

Your business needs to have a solid plan, this includes business idea research and market potential. The most important plans that you should produce include;

  • business plan,
  • financial plan
  • marketing plan

Although this may seem boring and tedious, without them you don’t really stand a chance.

No Set Goals

Goals give you direction in the day to day running of operations, and something to work towards. Make sure your objectives are SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. This allows you to identify where you want to go and outline the specific steps you’ll take to get there.


Undervaluing Your Products or Services

On many occasions, a lack of confidence in our ability to and fear of failure caused some people to under-price their products and services. This can be dangerous for a business as it can be difficult to raise prices too much without annoying people and getting complaints.

Avoiding New Technology

Technology can provide amazing opportunities for small businesses as it can give them the same opportunities and audiences as large ones. New technologies can also help work get done faster and can help a business (and in turn the consumer) save money.

Being Afraid of Marketing

Marketing can open up a whole host of opportunities for your business and it can come in many forms. From word of mouth to traditional marketing and internet marketing. The best type of marketing depends on your business type, and target audience. People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that business will just come to them without marketing – but how will it if they don’t know about your company?

Not Knowing Who Your Ideal Customer Is

Without doing the proper market research you aren’t going to know who your ideal consumer is. You can throw all the money you want at a huge marketing campaign but if you aren’t targeting the right people then you likely won’t see the desired results.


Some new business owners think that you need to spend large amounts of money to start up a business. They spend money trying to make sure they have the best of everything from marketing to equipment and software. There is more than likely a cheaper alternative of the same thing out there if you want to upgrade later when the business is becoming successful then feel free to do so, but you don’t need to have it all for a start-up.


On the contrary, some new business owners underspend. Even though there are ways to keep costs low but if you take it too far the other way and don’t invest any kind of capital in your business this can severely limit the companies’ potential.