Travel Industry Halted By Coronavirus

Travel Industry Halted By Coronavirus

The coronavirus has brought about an insane amount of changes across all industries.

Some have managed to prosper from the changes to the economy, but most have unfortunately seen a huge decline in sales that has led to an all time low in these markets.

Perhaps the biggest affected industry has been the travel and tourism industry, which is essentially non existent now.

These industries, alongside the airline industry, have ground to a halt, and the future of these amazing sectors look uncertain.

But fact is that even before the lockdown, the travel industry was already in trouble, and had already went through a whole year of challenges and difficulties.

These challenges almost made it look like it was the end of an era for the travel industry, and now the global pandemic events have made this a reality.

These challenges included a huge onset of awareness amongst consumers about climate change that practically came overnight.

Then there was isolated events around the world that almost warned that something bad was about to happen.

Thomas Cook, the global travel agent suddenly collapsed, Venice flooded and the Australian fires raged for months on end.

And then, the virus hit the world and completely changed everything.

People are not sitting at home, wishing they could be out enjoying the freedoms of travel.

And the economies that need these people to survive are starting to dry up and die.

Zoos and safari parks are empty, major cities are quiet and eerie, nature guides have no one to guide.

This industry that employs a total 330 million people worldwide has completely shutdown, and by the time the lockdown is lifted, it could be too late for a lot of them.

Coronavirus has affected the travel industry the most out of all the worldwide industries, and its future remains uncertain.