How to Choose a Nursery in East Kilbride

How to Choose a Nursery in East Kilbride

A good quality nursery is important for the development of your child’s mind, so it’s worth researching the different types of nurseries available in the UK. In this article, we look at day nurseries, which council-funded and open during the standard school hours. They also offer full-time and part-time childcare, and hold the green flag accreditation. For additional information, read on for some useful tips to choose a nursery. We will look at the best options for you looking for an East Kilbride nursery.

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Council Funded Day Nurseries

Day nurseries are council-funded, and many of them receive some of their funding from the government. However, the funding crisis is putting nurseries under increased pressure. Leading charities and unions recently reported that a third of maintained nurseries are cutting staff and services. The cost of coronavirus has also caused a number of them to cut staff. On average, nurseries are losing £70,000 a year, and need to spend an extra £8,000 every year on COVID.

They Operate During Standard School Hours

Nurseries in the UK offer day care for children aged naught to five. They are usually run by a private provider, but may also be part of a public school, charity or community group. These facilities are open Monday to Friday and often have extended opening hours during the school holidays. In addition to offering standard childcare for children, many nurseries also provide extracurricular activities like sports or music lessons. And of course, they are required to adhere to the national curriculum.

They Offer Full-time or Part-time care

Nurseries are a type of child care centre where children under five can be taken for full-time or part-time care. They may be private, community-based, independent or even run by local authorities. Most nurseries offer both full-time and part-time care and are subject to regular inspections. Nurseries providing early education must be registered with Ofsted and undergo further inspections to ensure that their standards are up to scratch.

They Have a Green Flag Accreditation

A growing number of UK nurseries have begun to recognise the importance of the environment by earning the green flag accreditation. The initiative is known as Eco-Schools and is an international programme involving millions of children in 64 countries. It provides a framework for learning and action on nine environmental issues. The accreditation is based on a seven-step process and encourages nurseries to focus on key areas that affect their local environment.

Look for Nurseries That are Regulated by Ofsted

Ofsted is the government agency that oversees the quality of nursery education in the UK. Its functions are to ensure the best quality of early childhood education and to improve standards of care for children. Its name comes from the office of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education (HMCI), a post she was appointed on 1 January 2017. Spielman previously served as the Senior Chief Inspector and was the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology.