Travel Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Travel Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Research Your Destination Thoroughly Before Trip

Research can be key; I know I wouldn’t book a hotel without scoping out the local area online first and check reviews. You can even ask your local travel agent for advice if you are still unsure. There are some places you should just avoid, so it’s better to be clued up than in the dark.

Keep Your Valuables on You Whilst Travelling

You realistically, shouldn’t bring anything valuable with you when you go travelling, family heirlooms, expensive jewellery and birth certificate can and should all be left at home.

But for those valuables that you just can’t be without – smartphone, camera, passport etc. – make sure you keep them on you at all times during transit. If you have them on you (in a bag or better yet on your person) then you know that you aren’t going to get misplaced.

Only Take Out What You Need

When it comes to money and documentation, only take out the stuff that you actually need! It can be tempting to bring out everything because you think it’s safer to have in on you rather than risk someone breaking into your room. But realistically this isn’t the best way. If you got mugged and they took all your money, credit cards, travel documents etc., you’d be in a very sticky situation.

Instead get clever in the way that you hide your valuables, keep some money on you plus copies of things like health insurance – just in case.

Don’t Trust People Too Quickly

Even if someone seems really nice, you have no way of knowing their true intentions. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to people, but just be cautious. Some travel buddies you make for life, but some con artists have mastered befriending travellers – only to rob them later on. It’s simple, don’t trust anyone to watch your valuables for you, even if they’re just holding your phone or purse whilst you pee. One minute they could be there, and the next they could be gone.

Caution Whilst Drinking

This is a tip that you should be practising at home as well as abroad. Make sure you watch your drinks being made where possible and don’t accept any drink from a stranger that you haven’t seen been poured. Whilst it is being poured don’t take your eyes off it until it’s in your hand.

Try to Blend in

It is not unusual for people to be targeted abroad because they “look like tourists.” Crooks are aware that once you go home from your holiday you’ll probably never hear about that purse or phone that got stolen – even if you went to the police. Bear in mind that law enforcement in other countries isn’t always as ethical as here (and that’s saying something!)