How to Survive Travelling With Kids

There is no one way to keep a child happy during a journey, and no child is the same, making things all the more challenging. This article will hopefully help you find the easiest way to travel with kids.

Be On Time So You Can Take Your Time

There is nothing worse than being late, add kids to the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. Make sure you’re wherever you need to be with time to spare so that you can take your time and not have to rush.


Book Ahead

No matter what type of holiday you’re going on it’s always best to book ahead. Don’t leave anything to chance or the last minute.


Give them a Camera

Now I’m not talking about an expensive Kodak, but if you can afford to get your kids, robust, child-friendly cameras, then do! Not only will it give them something to keep them occupied, it could also keep them more focused on their surroundings. And you never know, it might actually spark a passion. Regardless, it will give them something to do and you’ll potentially get some great commemorative photos from the trip, even if those photos are knee height.


Be Prepared for the Climate

My grandparents won’t let me forget the time that we went on holiday to England, it was September and there was an unexpected heatwave, they had to buy me a whole new set of clothes because my jeans and thick jumpers were not suitable for 28-degree weather. All I’m saying is always be prepared, obviously, that situation was completely out of anyone’s control, but be sensible with your clothing choices for your kids.


Kid-friendly apps exist for a reason, and although you may not want your kid to be glued to your phone, that 10 minutes’ peace might just be worth it.


Use Public Transport

As much as this may seem like the more stressful option, compared to a hire car, most kids love the novelty of riding on the bus, train, or boat.


Invest in a Child Locator

To keep tabs on your kids, without the use of reigns, get a child locator. This is attached to either a belt or shoe on your child and if you lose your child set off the alarm and follow the sound.




Always carry anti-bacterial wipes or gel (or both!) This will hopefully help prevent common bugs that can be picked up from things being unhygienic, for example after going to the bathroom on a plane, or where there are no hand washing services available.



In case your child does get sick, make sure you bring some form of medicine such as Calpol. Kids can get sick easier whilst travelling due to jet lag, exposure to different bugs, travelling, eating less healthy, and a whole host of other reasons. So make sure you’re prepared.